Python 3 books

As of this writing, they don’t exist. I checked up on the dates, turns out that Python 3.o was released on December 2008. Now it’s February 2009. Not too much time for any author to be publishing out a tutorial or the such.

Perhaps, I should try making my own? I’m not sure if I have the time for it.

On the good side, the Python website has an official tutorial listed here,

It felt as good as any place to start, so I went there. I downloaded it and went through it off-line. My word, there is just soo much in there!!

When I decided to learn Python, I thought, it would not be too different from C or C++. It isn’t, so I don’t think its difficult. But, I can’t call this simple either.

The best way is via practise, so off I go !!