Uploads done

I think I settled on a system. What I’m doing is uploading my perl scrips and .csv files to google’s servers. I’ve kept links to them on the AnandTech forums. (The programming section, the “Official Free References Thread”).

The idea is that, if I need to update anything, all I need to do now is make the needed updates to the google docs spreadsheet file and run my Perl script. (that I can download)
I’ve been scanning around for recommendations in the programming section and I must say, there is plently of it!!

Hosting a project

I can’t find a way to upload my Perl scripts to google docs, so I ended up making a project over at code.google.com I’ve not uploaded anything yet, but to have a read-only view have a look here,


( I hope that link works.) I’m going to upload some test files and see how it goes. I installed the windows SVN client for it. (The one that integrates into explorer from collabnet)

New Posts not allowed while signed in ??!?!

This is a strange one. I was logged into my gmail account using chrome and I did a search for my blog. (What do you expect? , I’ve not updated in months!) And I couldn’t log in. Instead they tell me to clear my cookies and some other instructions. 

I didn’t do any of that. Some random clicks later and I’m here editing. Very strange…
Now why did I come here? Ah, yes, I wonder if I can post files on the blog here? Some Perl source code specifically… I see no obvious links, so this requires investigation.