Microsoft word diagrams

This should have been a non-issue that ended up wasting more that 2 hours of my time.

Did you know that the purpose of a word document is NOT to preserve the look of a document, but rather to render it as well as it can?
That sounds rather contradictory, so let me explain. At work recently, I had to prepare some documents. Standard stuff. Only this time, I needed to embed some diagrams into the file. Not a problem, I just use the drawing tools from Word and I’m done! At the end of it, I felt that I did a good job. Then I go and show it to my boss.
And that was when things went haywire. The diagrams were all messed up on his system! I couldn’t believe it!! And after all my hard work too!
I did some investigating and I found out that on my boss’s PC, the default page size was different from mine. So, Word just resized my figures and that was why they turned out messy. The default page-size in Word is dictated by the default printer you have in Windows.
I don’t mind it if Word just shrinks my diagrams, but it messed it up to the point of illegebility !! I found a temporary solution though – grouping. If I group all the elements in my diagrams as a single entity, they have a much better chance (no guarentte) of staying as they should be.
At the moment, I’m seriously thinking of forcing our entire organization to move to something else, like pdf or Google docs.

Disabling sticky keys notification

When you press the “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys in a quick succession this dialog pops in XP,
The first time it happened, I pressed “Cancel”. But when it came up on a regular basis, it got REALLY annoying. Turns out that it’s some shortcut setting of sorts that creates the pop-up.
To disable it, go to the control panel and select the “Accessability Options”. (shown below)

Under the “Keyboard” tab (default tab) click the “Settings” button and disable “Use Shortcut”.
For good measure you might want to disable the shortcut in “Filter Keys” and “Toggle Keys” as well.
The pop-up was really getting to me, especially when I want to access my google desktop gadgets. (Press “Shift” twice) Now, things are a LOT better.
( I’m using their images (without permission!) as well , thanks TechSupportMe !!)