Disabling sticky keys notification

When you press the “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys in a quick succession this dialog pops in XP,
The first time it happened, I pressed “Cancel”. But when it came up on a regular basis, it got REALLY annoying. Turns out that it’s some shortcut setting of sorts that creates the pop-up.
To disable it, go to the control panel and select the “Accessability Options”. (shown below)

Under the “Keyboard” tab (default tab) click the “Settings” button and disable “Use Shortcut”.
For good measure you might want to disable the shortcut in “Filter Keys” and “Toggle Keys” as well.
The pop-up was really getting to me, especially when I want to access my google desktop gadgets. (Press “Shift” twice) Now, things are a LOT better.
( I’m using their images (without permission!) as well , thanks TechSupportMe !!)

2 thoughts on “Disabling sticky keys notification

  1. Couldn't you just click on settings and get the whole thing removed? I've got to see what happend… In vista there's a link right on the message that let's you disable the message…

  2. I usually click "Cancel" instead of "Settings" when it comes up. I posted this up after I got fed up with it. And I'm talking about XP, not Vista here. 😉

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