Dial up connection issues

About a week ago, a coworker came to me with a problem. His USB-based internet stick stopped working. I’m referring to this thing,

All you need to do is push it into your Windows PC, install the software that comes up and you’ll be online. It’s really as simple as it sounds, I tried it on my system and it worked just fine. Soo, what was the problem for my friend?

To connect online, you need to run their software and select “Connect”. When you do this, the software goes to your “Network Connections” in the control panel and runs a dialer. For some reason, the dialer on his system was not working. In fact, I couldn’t even access it. I tried to manually set it up but the following option was grayed out,

At first, I thought it was a virus, but a quick look through his Task Manager, eliminated that option. Soo, what could the issue be? I tried googling around and I found the cause. Turns out that a Windows service was responsible for this option and it was turned off for him. (How that happened, is another mystery in itself). The service in question is this one,

The “Remote Access Connection Manager”. All I needed to do was start this up and his USB modem was up and running. I didn’t even need to restart the system!!


bash: current working directory in title bar

Add this to your “.bashrc”,

export PS1=”\[\e]2;\u@\h \w\a\e[32;1m\]>\[\e[0m\] “
The next time you login, it should display your username, hostname and current working directory on the title bar of the shell prompt. It also replaces the default prompt with a nice green arrow. Sweet and compact !
If found this tip and more here,
Thanks Daniel !!