Thank God for version control!

I wonder how many of you are familiar with version control software? If you are a programmer or coder in any capacity, then it should be a vital part of your workflow. When I used to work, we used SVN. Since I joined my Master’s course, I’ve missed it. Fortunately, in my first semester, there wasn’t too much coding required, so I got on by.

But, I still missed Subversion.

Recently, my professors have been throwing coding assignments to us. Personally, I enjoy them. I LOVE coding. But to do so without any kind of version control system, well, it was a deterrent.

Why not SVN? Well, it requires a server somewhere and as a student, I just don’t have those kinds of facilities any more. 😦 Sure, we have systems in the college, but when I’m in my room, there’s no way to remotely access those servers (assuming that they would permit external access in the first place).

Then I stumbled across Mercurial. It fit my needs perfectly! Just have a look at this history graph,

Mercurial in action

I was doing some experiments, when I realized that my current code structure was wrong. So, I just reverted back to an earlier state and continued coding from there! See those branches up there? THAT is the power of having a Version Control Software!