Frustrations with Civilization 5

I enjoying gaming. Recently I’ve been hooked to this particular title,

Civilization V

It’s a really fun game and a wonderful time-pass. Though, if you consider that it’s possible to spend hours (18+) just playing around, it’s probably doing too good a job of it. I was warned by friends that it would be addictive and boy-oh-boy were they right!

In fact, I would gladly recommend it to any of my other friends if it weren’t for one thing – the game CRASHES!! Big time! One of the highlights of the game is that you get really, really involved with it. If you aren’t familiar, it’s about global domination. What makes Civ5 unique, is that it doesn’t necessarily involve conquest. I can spend hours thinking of diplomatic relations with other empires and all of a sudden – my system would CRASH!

This is UNFORGIVABLE. I paid good money for this game. Sure, there might be limitations to running it with all the bells and whistles, but on an intel i7 with an nvidia 540M, I fully expect to play the game without any hiccups at the lowest setting! And I can’t. It’s just so dis-connecting to be thrown out of the game when you’ve sunk a few good hours into your empire. I’ve waited for the latest patches and what-not, but as of now, I’m throwing in the towel. Perhaps I’ll try again after the next patch. Who know? But for the time being I think I’ll jump back to an old STABLE friend,

Civilization 4

It’s really sad that it came to this. Fraxis, I expect you to fix this mess.