Real Time Editing in Google Docs

For the past few weeks I’ve been using Google Docs as my primary editor for writing fanfiction. And as with any editing worth it’s salt, a good measure of how well I’m doing depends on what others say of my work. Most importantly, what corrections they may want me to make in my documents.

This is where the comment system of Google Docs really came through for me. After I finished writing a chapter, I changed the share permissions on the document to “public” and enabled “comments”. The result? My beta-readers could easily select which sections of the document they felt had problems and comment on them! I didn’t even need to send them any files. Just a link which they opened in their web-browser.

The best part were the corrections. After one of my beta’s listed their comments and I made the needed corrections, there was no need to change the original link. Thus, when another beta came in, they could see the latest copy of the document and add in any further comments that might have been missed before. I don’t think I could have even considered such a smooth editing for my work in MS-word before.

Google, I thank you!

If any of you are curious, have a peek at this video. It lists some of the highlights that I just mentioned,