Improving performance on my Xperia Arc

Recently, an upgrade came for my phone which allowed me to finally enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich. It was a refreshing UI change and the phone generally feels a bit better. But it had problems in one critical area – the phone. The dialer is too slow. There are plenty of links like that of people complaining about it.

At first, I put up with it. More because I liked the rest of the phone and I seemed to “get on by” with the 4 second delay. But after nearly a month, I’m getting tired of it. One option is to revert back to the older firmware, but it’s a bit drastic step. Besides, I’m enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich too much.

Then I came across a new feature in Android 4. When you press and hold the home button, you can see a list of running applications. Well, there were a lot of them running and I just used my finger to swipe them all out.

Surprisingly enough, my dialer became more responsive after that. Not as ‘instant’ as I would like, but a whole lot better. Now, it takes about a second or two to come up. Plenty more tolerable than before. 🙂