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I use my laptop for browsing the internet. It’s handy and is customized for my needs. These days, I find myself going online from 2 places – my college computer lab and my hostel room (home). At home, I have my own infrastructure to get online and it’s a direct process. But in the college, I need to configure my system to use the institute proxy. This would mean going to this window,

Selecting the “Internet Options” as shown above then selecting the “Connections” tab and pressing the “LAN settings” button,

Finally configuring the proxy settings in there. Honestly, it was a bother to keep doing it EACH time I came into the lab. And to revert things back when I returned home. There had to be an easier way, right? Well, after a bit of searching around I found this wonderful stackoverflow question which answered everything for me!

It didn’t work perfectly with firefox though. Some more Google-fu later I came across this suggestion in a comment on a forum,

Try network.dns.disableIPv6 = True in Firefox config (about:config in URL)

Which solved this admirably for me! Now I can use both chrome and firefox without any issues or manual configurations. Obviously, I needed to edit the original pac configuration script. I don’t know javascript but it was well commented enough that I could get on by. 🙂

Other than wikipedia another good source of information for the PAC file seems to be this,

Ah, the wonders of automation. One of the reasons why I like computers. 🙂 Now, if ONLY we could figure out a way to simplify all this for the end user!


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