frusteratins with phone Dialer

A few weeks back, I upgraded my Xperia Arc to the latest firmware provided by Sony. The Android 4.0.4 update is very handy and my favorite part is the task manager. Specifically the native support to close any apps in the background.

As fun as it was, the update came with a bothersome flaw. The Dialer was too slow. Seriously, it sometimes took me as long as 3 seconds for it to load up. That might not seem like much reading on a blog post, but when I am busy and in company, it’s really awkward to just stand there waiting for the Dialer app to load up. For a few weeks, I tried using another dialer from the Play store. It worked – the new dialer I selected was a lot faster than the stock one I had … but it contrasted too much with the rest of the phone.

Some searching yesterday led me to this forum post,

I was flabbergasted! The stock applications on the later phones work better on my old Arc? It was high time I re-entered the world of android rooting (my earlier flirting was with my Samsung Galaxy i7500).