a surprising lack of comedy fanfiction for Love Hina & Ranma

Some days back the following Love Hina fanfic idea was thrown out on TFF,

During the 4th volume (manga) when Motoko challenges Keitaro, he somehow ‘defeats’ her by catching her blade with his bare hands. Suppose that didn’t happen – the fight ends with Motoko defeating him. As per the agreement, she sends him off to her sister with instructions “to make a man out of him I can respect”

As a Keitaro+Motoko shipper, I couldn’t let the idea slide by. I volunteered to pick it up and as part of background checking, went back to re-read the manga. To my horror, I discovered that my characterization of the cast was off. Badly.

That aside, I realized something else as well – what I found most enjoyable about Love Hina. It’s without a doubt the humor. Checking back on fanfiction.net I confirmed that no-one had written a notable humor story lately. Some more digging and the same conclusion can be reached for the Ranma section as well (not talking about crossovers).

I’ve decided to tackle this shortcoming by writing a humor story. At the moment, all I have are a few random ides that (hopefully) will diverge to the snippet above, but … the lack of humor fanfiction for a source that is nothing but slapstick comedy is a bit disheartening. Even worse – it took me this long to realize it!


Fanfiction review “The Weaponless Meinster”

I’m a huge fan of Fate/Stay Night and enjoy the Soul Eater anime as well. But when I heard that there was a crossover written between the two, an eyebrow went up. Here’s a link to the story on fanfiction.net,

The Weaponless Meinster by L33t Horo

Canonically, I don’t believe that the two magic systems can co-exist. The former sees magic (or “prana/od”) as a limited resource in the world. The latter talks about using a person’s “soul wavelength” to accomplish impossible deeds. And then there is the title of the story – ‘weaponless meinster’ ? In Soul Eater canon there are weapons who can act without Meinsters (and these are usually the very high-level ones), but a meinster without a weapon? What is the meinster expected to do; fight and reap souls with their fists? Needless to say, I was very skeptical when I started reading the story. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

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lack of audio standard for HTML

On the desktop there are 2 audio formats that I listen to – MP3 and OGG. Not that I prefer one over the other, but rather I just leave my files in whatever format I first got them in. After all, why should I bother wasting my precious time reformatting everything to some ‘standard’ when my favorite player plays both file types? Recently, I’ve been exploring the idea of running a game inside the web-browser. This brings about the complication that I have no control over which browser my users will use. And here comes my audio dilemma. Continue reading