lack of audio standard for HTML

On the desktop there are 2 audio formats that I listen to – MP3 and OGG. Not that I prefer one over the other, but rather I just leave my files in whatever format I first got them in. After all, why should I bother wasting my precious time reformatting everything to some ‘standard’ when my favorite player plays both file types? Recently, I’ve been exploring the idea of running a game inside the web-browser. This brings about the complication that I have no control over which browser my users will use. And here comes my audio dilemma.

There isn’t a single common file format supported by all the major web-browsers!

What the heck?!?

If I store my sound file as an MP3, it plays in Internet Explorer and Safari but NOT in Firefox or Opera. If I save it as an OGG file, Firefox and Opera will play it, but not the other two. And Chrome? It plays both.

Life would be so much easier if I could just force all my users to just use chrome … you know, I think I’ll do just that. It’s not like I’m making a commercial product or anything and this way I won’t need to worry about converting the different sound files I have. I blame the music industry for this mess. If people could go about without the threat of litigation for simple issues over their heads …