Headlessly booting a raspberry pi

I got a Raspberry Pi yesterday. Additionally I ordered a case. Here’s how it looks like,

chronodekar's Raspberry Pi in its case

chronodekar’s Raspberry Pi in its case

For better or worse, the television in my house was in-use. The family seems to consider watching soap operas more important than letting me test out my new gadget. Which left me with one option – to try and boot it headlessly. i.e. without a connected display.

The official raspberry pi downloads page has links to multiple images that could be loaded onto the Pi. I selected Arch Linux ARM because it was the smallest of the lot (in terms of filesize).

Step 1 was to download the Win32 Disk Imager utility and install it.

Step 2 meant plugging in a SD-card and writing the IMG file to it. The official recommendation is to use a 4GB (or more) SD card. I didn’t have a 4GB SD card with me. Heck, I didn’t even have any SD card with me! What I did have was a microSD to SD adapter and a 2GB microSD card. For the Arch Linux image I downloaded, it was enough – at least, Win32DiskImager didn’t make any complaints about it.

Step 3, I connected the Pi (via LAN cable) to my home network.

Step 4; I logged into my router (the device which handles DHCP address allocations) and made a note of all the devices currently plugged into the network (It was a very small list).

Step 5; The USB power-cable was plugged into the Pi and I saw the on-board lights go up. They blinked for some time and stopped.

Step 6; Back to my router. A simple comparison told me which IP was newly assigned. It could only be the Raspberry Pi!

Step 7; A simple ping test (targeting the Pi) revealed that the network was working properly.

Step 8; Using LePutty, I SSH’d into the Pi. Voila! Job done!

I haven’t quite decided what to do with my new Raspberry, but for now I’m looking around for instructions on how to cross-compile a custom IMG file (similar to the Arch Linux IMG I downloaded) to use instead. Think I might rig it up as a web server or something …


Fanfiction review “The House of Elendil”

I decided to pick up a review request for a ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ crossover. While I’ve read the LOTR books, it’s been years and my memory is fuzzy. Only important point I recall is that it’s the story about a hobbit traveling the countryside (filled with enemies & monsters) with his friends to destroy a powerful (and magical) ring. As for GOT? I’ve watched the first two seasons and consider the TV series to be filled with too much sex. Nothing wrong with that, I like good skin-ship as much as the next warm-blooded male, but the show has it in more quantities than I would have liked.

That said considering how expansive the lore is in both universes, I would expect a crossover to be newbie-friendly. Even if you are a fan (of either source), chances are that the obscure facts would escape memory and an author should compensate for it. With that in mind, let’s begin shall we? Here’s the link to the story (WARNING: spoilers ahead!);

The House of Elendil by EricDal

The title means nothing to me and the summary reminds me of that famous poem from the LOTR books – the one which speaks of nine rings, lords and the one that binds them … etc. Reading further, it looks like I can expect a story of someone who comes from across the sea into Westros and joins in the political game for the Throne. Hmm… better do a quick search about this Elendil fellow (opens up google). It looks like Elendil was an elven king/ruler who first ruled over Arnor and Gondor. I guess that EricDal is planning a story of how those kingdoms get established in Westros instead of canon-LOTR universe (starts reading story).

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