Fanfiction review “The Monster Lord”

Instead of reviewing the story by myself, I’ve decided to ask for assistance from an acquaintance. A second opinion is usually helpful and considering that the intent of these reviews is to be critically constructive, it should be a good idea. Here’s the link to the story (WARNING: spoilers ahead!),

The Monster Lord by MadHat886

It’s a Ranma 1/2 crossover fanfic fusing the hentai games “Monster Girl Quest” and “Violated Hero”.

You know, perhaps I should just do this one by myself as usual. The whole second opinion thing might be better left for another kind of story¬† and … ah, dammit. I’m here. It’s the place where my acquaintance lives. Amusingly enough, he freeloads in a church,

The church

And I’m coming here to talk about hentai. I think I forgot my common-sense somewhere… Continue reading


Configuring Doxygen with github

I had heard that it was possible to setup projects in github and have the corresponding Doxygen output available online. A quick search of the terms brought me here,

The instructions seemed simple enough and I decided to make my own account on github. It took me a few hours but here’s my test repository,

And here is the corresponding documentation,

There’s not much to see in the way of documentation and the source code itself is a basic “Hello World” application that I shamelessly copied from somewhere. Continue reading