About Me

Hmmm... who runs this place?

My real name is Abraham Varricatt. Online I call myself chronodekar.

I’m a 20+ male who is currently doing a postgraduate program in Computer Science and have worked for 4 years as a software engineer. I’ll be looking for employment after completing my course in May 2013, so if you are interested in hiring me here’s my resume on linkedin.

I really enjoy programming and helping people out with their computer problems. It’s really fun to see the smile on a person’s face when they realize how to work with a computer. When I get in the mood to do this online, you can find me on stackoverflow.

For fun, I like playing games with real people and if you feel the same then link up with me on STEAM! I enjoy watching anime and really love reading the fanfiction different people write. In fact, I’m an author myself.