Fanfiction review “FateScrewed-Up”

And time for another fan-fiction review. This time it’s a cross-over story between Harry Potter and Fate/Stay Night. What’s disappointing is the plot. Here’s how it goes – Harry, after gaining all three Hallows, becomes some God-like entity who doesn’t die, but re-incarnates … as a girl. That by itself, is just silly and in the right author’s hands can be made into a brilliant plot. As for this author? It gets worse. He gender-bends Shirou. Yeah, truly a WTF kind-of moment. Here’s the link to the story,

FateScrewed-Up by Magician of Blue

This time, instead of just writing the review in my blog, I decided to put it up on FFN as well. In the general interest of laziness, I’m going to copy-paste it here –

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Fanfiction review “The Monster Lord”

Instead of reviewing the story by myself, I’ve decided to ask for assistance from an acquaintance. A second opinion is usually helpful and considering that the intent of these reviews is to be critically constructive, it should be a good idea. Here’s the link to the story (WARNING: spoilers ahead!),

The Monster Lord by MadHat886

It’s a Ranma 1/2 crossover fanfic fusing the hentai games “Monster Girl Quest” and “Violated Hero”.

You know, perhaps I should just do this one by myself as usual. The whole second opinion thing might be better left for another kind of story  and … ah, dammit. I’m here. It’s the place where my acquaintance lives. Amusingly enough, he freeloads in a church,

The church

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Fanfiction review “The House of Elendil”

I decided to pick up a review request for a ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ crossover. While I’ve read the LOTR books, it’s been years and my memory is fuzzy. Only important point I recall is that it’s the story about a hobbit traveling the countryside (filled with enemies & monsters) with his friends to destroy a powerful (and magical) ring. As for GOT? I’ve watched the first two seasons and consider the TV series to be filled with too much sex. Nothing wrong with that, I like good skin-ship as much as the next warm-blooded male, but the show has it in more quantities than I would have liked.

That said considering how expansive the lore is in both universes, I would expect a crossover to be newbie-friendly. Even if you are a fan (of either source), chances are that the obscure facts would escape memory and an author should compensate for it. With that in mind, let’s begin shall we? Here’s the link to the story (WARNING: spoilers ahead!);

The House of Elendil by EricDal

The title means nothing to me and the summary reminds me of that famous poem from the LOTR books – the one which speaks of nine rings, lords and the one that binds them … etc. Reading further, it looks like I can expect a story of someone who comes from across the sea into Westros and joins in the political game for the Throne. Hmm… better do a quick search about this Elendil fellow (opens up google). It looks like Elendil was an elven king/ruler who first ruled over Arnor and Gondor. I guess that EricDal is planning a story of how those kingdoms get established in Westros instead of canon-LOTR universe (starts reading story).

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Fanfiction review “On the Wings of Freedom”

Another Fate/Stay Night and Sekirei crossover. Ever since gabriel_blessing started writing “In Flight” these stories seem to be popping up like bad fungi. Heck, even I wrote a few snippets some months ago! Without further adieu here’s the link to the story (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!),

On the Wings of Freedom by Shadows of Vanity

The summary is well written. I wondered what Shirou was doing in France, but the author answers the question with the next few words. Seems that he went there on a holiday. It’s a bit odd why someone would be called in for an interview in the middle of a vacation, but that’s just nitpicking for the sake of it. What really spoils things are the last 4/5 words,

powerful!Shirou, Shirou/large harem.

Is there any real need to mention this? The summary has already told us that he’ll be getting a harem. Why repeat information we already know? And what am I to make of the phrase ‘powerful!Shirou’ ? Barring a few crack-fics, most stories have him as a competent fighter anyway. Or are you trying to tell me that he’s going to be God-like in this story? If so, you should have also included a tag for the Emiya Clan. Sounds like a perfect fit to me.

I find your choice of pairing “Shirō E. & No. 08/Yume” puzzling for a harem story, but I think we’ve spent enough time talking about the summary. <starts reading the chapter>

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a surprising lack of comedy fanfiction for Love Hina & Ranma

Some days back the following Love Hina fanfic idea was thrown out on TFF,

During the 4th volume (manga) when Motoko challenges Keitaro, he somehow ‘defeats’ her by catching her blade with his bare hands. Suppose that didn’t happen – the fight ends with Motoko defeating him. As per the agreement, she sends him off to her sister with instructions “to make a man out of him I can respect”

As a Keitaro+Motoko shipper, I couldn’t let the idea slide by. I volunteered to pick it up and as part of background checking, went back to re-read the manga. To my horror, I discovered that my characterization of the cast was off. Badly.

That aside, I realized something else as well – what I found most enjoyable about Love Hina. It’s without a doubt the humor. Checking back on I confirmed that no-one had written a notable humor story lately. Some more digging and the same conclusion can be reached for the Ranma section as well (not talking about crossovers).

I’ve decided to tackle this shortcoming by writing a humor story. At the moment, all I have are a few random ides that (hopefully) will diverge to the snippet above, but … the lack of humor fanfiction for a source that is nothing but slapstick comedy is a bit disheartening. Even worse – it took me this long to realize it!

Fanfiction review “The Weaponless Meinster”

I’m a huge fan of Fate/Stay Night and enjoy the Soul Eater anime as well. But when I heard that there was a crossover written between the two, an eyebrow went up. Here’s a link to the story on,

The Weaponless Meinster by L33t Horo

Canonically, I don’t believe that the two magic systems can co-exist. The former sees magic (or “prana/od”) as a limited resource in the world. The latter talks about using a person’s “soul wavelength” to accomplish impossible deeds. And then there is the title of the story – ‘weaponless meinster’ ? In Soul Eater canon there are weapons who can act without Meinsters (and these are usually the very high-level ones), but a meinster without a weapon? What is the meinster expected to do; fight and reap souls with their fists? Needless to say, I was very skeptical when I started reading the story. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

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